Guanaco // Torres del Paine, Chile

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"All truths wait in all things."   //  Walt Whitman


// is an Emmy Award-winning wildlife cinematographer who has filmed in many of the planet’s most wild and inspirational environments.  Beyond natural history, his experience spans a wide range of production — from live television, human interest stories, commericals and independent feature film to leading-edge virtual reality technology.

"I'm in continuous awe of our planet - the power of its harshest environments - the diversity of cultures - and the ever-changing motion, unpredictability and allure of the wild.


That's why I point the camera.  Cinematography is a tool to translate that inspiration - to create the shots, find the moments and dedicate to the telling of the story as it unfolds.


I carry this approach on assignments around the planet - from the floating villages of Vietnam to frozen Arctic seas, beneath the waves of the world's oceans and into our own backyards."




"Sex, Lies and Butterflies"  PBS Nature  // Mozambique, Peru, US

"The Last Polar Bear"   Intel  // Norway

"Sing-Sing Festival in Virtual Reality"   NextVR  // Papua New Guinea

"Loch Ness"   Animal Planet  // Scotland, Ireland

"The Darien Gap"   Tangled Bank  // Colombia, Panama

"Passage to Mars"   NASA  // Canadian High Arctic

"Midway"   Vulcan  // Pacific Ocean

"Life Below Zero"   BBC/National Geographic  // Alaska

"Super Hummingbirds"   PBS Nature  // Colombia, Costa Rica, Desert Southwest

Great White // Mexico

Elusive Puffins // Hebrides, Scotland


Shooting Aerials // Alaska

Musician // Papua New Guinea

Sleeping Sloths // Panama

Potential Car // Outback, Australia

Epic 360VR // Grand Tetons

Leaving Hebron // Israel


Mark Carroll


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Mark Carroll

cinematographer © Mark Carroll 2019